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Our Project

tracking campaign promises!

We aim to -

Promote Political Accountability
promote political accountability by monitoring the promises made by elected executive office holders and evaluating the extent to which they fulfill those promises during their terms in office.
Enhance Transparency in Governance
enhance transparency in governance by providing citizens with accessible and comprehensive information about the performance of elected executives in fulfilling their campaign pledges.
Empower the Electorate
empower the electorate with reliable data and insights, enabling them to make informed decisions during elections and engage in meaningful discussions about the effectiveness of executive office holders.
Encourage Responsive Governance
By holding elected officials accountable for their promises, the project aims to encourage more responsive governance, where politicians prioritize the needs and interests of the public.
Build Public Trust in Democracy
Through transparent tracking and reporting, the project aims to foster public trust in the democratic process, demonstrating that elected executives are held to their commitments.


Comprehensive Promise Database
Create and maintain a comprehensive and up-to-date database of promises made by elected executives at the national and sub-national levels during their election campaigns, categorized by policy areas and timeframes.
Monitoring and Evaluation
Employ a systematic methodology to monitor and evaluate the progress and outcomes of promises made by politicians, using verifiable sources and data.
Data Verification
Implement rigorous fact-checking and data verification processes to ensure the accuracy and reliability of information presented on the platform.
Regular Reporting
Provide regular reports and updates on the performance of elected officials, highlighting the extent to which promises are being fulfilled and the impact of such policies.
Engage with Elected Officials
Establish channels of communication with elected officials to seek clarifications on promises, progress, and challenges, encouraging a constructive dialogue between the platform and policymakers.
Public Awareness Campaigns
Conduct public awareness campaigns to educate citizens about the importance of holding elected officials accountable and utilizing the platform to make informed political decisions.
Policy Evaluation and Recommendations
Utilize the data gathered to evaluate the effectiveness of various policies and provide evidence-based recommendations to improve governance and policy implementation.
Collaboration and Partnerships
Seek collaboration and partnerships with independent research organizations, media outlets, and civil society groups to enhance the project's reach and credibility.


Our Pledge Tracker project responds to a pressing need for improved accountability, transparency, and citizen engagement in Nigeria's democratic system. By addressing the accountability gap, empowering citizens with information, and fostering responsive governance, the project contributes towards ensuring a much-needed good foundation for a more functional democratic governance model in Nigeria and by extension Sub-Saharan Africa.

1. Lack of Accountability and Trust Deficit:

In Nigeria’s democratic landscape, a persistent challenge lies in the gap between political promises made during electoral campaigns and their fulfilment post-election. This gap erodes citizens’ trust in the democratic process and leads to disillusionment with elected officials as is the case in many Sub-Saharan African Countries including Nigeria. The Pledge Tracker project is born out of the necessity to bridge this accountability deficit and rebuild trust between citizens and their representatives.

Political campaigns are characterized by lofty promises that often remain unfulfilled once candidates assume office. This disconnect undermines the essence of democracy, where elected officials are entrusted with the responsibility to represent and serve the interests of their constituents. The Pledge Tracker project seeks to contribute towards reversing this trend by holding elected officials accountable for their promises, ensuring that the we develop a democratic system that works for the people. 

An informed citizenry is fundamental to a functioning democracy. The lack of accessible and credible information about the status of political promises deprives citizens of the ability to make informed decisions during elections. By providing an online platform that presents objective evaluations of promise fulfilment, the Pledge Tracker project empowers citizens with the knowledge needed to hold elected officials accountable and make choices that align with their values and aspirations.

Transparent accountability mechanisms are a cornerstone of responsive governance. This need is even more crucial for countries such Nigeria that are plagued with the culture of corruption and poor governance.  When elected officials are aware that their promises are being closely monitored and evaluated, they are more likely to prioritise fulfilling their commitments to avoid reputational damage. The Pledge Tracker project not only exposes non-fulfilment of promises but also incentivizes elected officials to uphold their commitments, thereby fostering a culture of responsiveness and integrity in governance.

Trust in public institutions is vital for the stability and effectiveness of a democratic society. The persistent gap between promises and actions erodes this trust, fuelling cynicism and disengagement. This is a growing problem that is increasingly presenting a difficult challenge to the idea of viable democratic governance in countries such as Nigeria. By promoting transparency and demonstrating that political accountability is not just a campaign slogan but a reality, the Pledge Tracker project contributes to rebuilding trust in democratic institutions, reinforcing the legitimacy of elected officials, and encouraging active civic participation.

The Pledge Tracker project goes beyond its immediate impact by contributing to the academic discourse on political accountability and governance. The data generated by the project can serve as a valuable resource for researchers, analysts, and scholars studying the intricacies of political behaviour, public administration, and democratic dynamics. By providing data-driven insights, the project enriches the body of knowledge surrounding democratic processes in Nigeria.

In an era marked by digital advancements, harnessing technology to enhance democratic practices is essential. The Pledge Tracker project aligns with the global trend toward digital democracy, where technological tools enable citizens to engage, participate, and monitor their government’s actions. By establishing an online platform that connects citizens with relevant political information, the project contributes to Nigeria’s digital democracy agenda.

Expected Benefits

The pledge Tracker project is a crucial initiative that contributes to political accountability, transparency, and citizen empowerment. By providing objective and reliable data on elected officials' performance, the platform facilitates an informed electorate, strengthens democratic institutions, and fosters a culture of responsibility among policymakers. The project's relevance lies in its potential to transform democratic governance by promoting public trust, effective representation, and evidence-based policy-making.

Empowering Citizens Participation

Our platform empowers citizens to actively participate in governance. By providing accessible and understandable information on political promises and their fulfillment, citizens can engage in meaningful discussions, advocate for policy priorities, and actively participate in shaping their communities' future.

Encouraging Informed Voting

Through the platform, voters can access comprehensive data on elected officials' track records and performance. This informed voting process encourages candidates to be more accountable and responsive to the needs of their constituents, ultimately leading to more effective representation.

Promoting Transparency and Trust

Transparent reporting of elected officials' performance builds trust between citizens and their representatives. Pledge Tracker project's regular reporting and objective evaluations provide citizens with credible and evidence-based information, fostering trust in the democratic process and promoting an informed electorate.

Strengthening Democratic Institutions

Transparent evaluation of elected officials' performance strengthens democratic institutions by encouraging elected representatives to prioritize the public interest over partisan interests. This, in turn, contributes to a more robust and effective democratic governance system.

Enhancing Political Accountability

Our project serves as a critical tool to enhance political accountability by tracking and monitoring the promises made by democratically elected officials. By holding politicians accountable, the platform empowers citizens to make informed decisions during elections and fosters a culture of responsibility among elected representatives

Improving Public Policy Outcomes

We are hopeful that the project can influence policy outcomes by evaluating the effectiveness of various promises and policies. By assessing the impact of implemented policies, the platform can contribute to evidence-based policy-making and help identify areas for improvement.

Fostering Dialogue and Collaboration

The Pledge Tracker platform's engagement with elected officials and stakeholders fosters constructive dialogue and collaboration. This encourages elected officials to engage with citizens, respond to concerns, and take actions that align with their electoral campaign promises.

Media and Civil Society Partnership

The project actively engages citizens through public awareness campaigns and encourages them to participate in the political process beyond elections. This involvement strengthens civic participation and raises awareness about the importance of political accountability.

Public Participation and Awareness:

Collaboration with media outlets and civil society organizations enhances the project's reach and impact. Media partnerships ensure wider coverage and dissemination of information, while civil society collaboration adds credibility and expertise to the platform's evaluations.

Deters Misleading Pledges

Knowing that their promises will be tracked, politicians may be deterred from making unrealistic or misleading pledges during their campaigns, fostering more genuine and achievable commitments.

Media Watchdog Role

The Pledge Tracker platform acts as a media watchdog, independently scrutinizing the performance of elected officials, reducing the potential for biased reporting or selective coverage.

Data-Driven Discussions

The platform provides a factual basis for discussions and debates on political performance, encouraging evidence-based discourse rather than relying on speculation or rhetoric.

Core Values

Pledge Tracker is guided by a set of core values that uphold its integrity, transparency, and commitment to promoting democratic principles. Here are some ideal core values that should guide the project below.

We uphold the highest standards of integrity, ensuring that all data and information presented on the platform are accurate, unbiased, and free from any manipulation or distortion.

Transparency is at the core of our Pledge Tracker project’s operations, with clear and open communication about methodologies, data sources, and evaluation processes.

We maintain strict non-partisanship, avoiding any bias towards or against specific political parties or candidates, and providing objective assessments of elected officials’ performance.

We maintain our independence from political influence or external pressures, ensuring that its evaluations and reporting are based solely on verifiable data and impartial analysis.

Our ultimate focus should be the public interest, serving as a tool to empower citizens and hold elected officials accountable to their promises for the betterment of society.

Our platform is accessible to all citizens, irrespective of their background, and designed in a user-friendly manner to promote widespread use and understanding.

We ensure inclusiveness and consideration for diverse perspectives and interests, aiming to represent and serve the entire electorate without discrimination.

Our project teams are accountable for the accuracy and fairness of their assessments and remain open to scrutiny and feedback from the public.

Guiding Principles

Beyond our core values, we also adhere to important guiding principles and policies.