The Pledge Tracker project is committed to promoting gender equality and ensuring inclusivity in all aspects of its operations. The gender policy aims to address gender disparities, empower women, and ensure equal opportunities for men and women in the project’s implementation and outcomes. The following are the key components of the gender policy:

  • Gender-Disaggregated Data Collection: The Pledge Tracker platform will prioritise the collection of gender-disaggregated data to analyse and evaluate the promises made by elected officials with respect to gender-related issues. This approach ensures that the impact of policies and promises on men and women can be assessed separately.
  • Gender-Responsive Platform Design: The platform’s design, user interface, and content will be gender-responsive, taking into account the diverse needs and preferences of all users, irrespective of their gender.
  • Women’s Participation and Representation: The Pledge Tracker project will actively seek to involve women at all levels, including project management, data analysis, and decision-making processes. Efforts will be made to ensure gender-balanced representation in the project team.
  • Gender Training and Sensitisation: All project staff and stakeholders will receive gender training and sensitisation to foster awareness of gender issues and promote gender-sensitive approaches in the project’s activities.
  • Gender Mainstreaming in Reporting: The Pledge Tracker platform’s reporting and evaluation will include an explicit analysis of the impact of political promises and policies on gender equality. This will enable the identification of gender disparities and the formulation of targeted policy recommendations.
  • Women’s Political Participation: The project will actively engage with women’s organisations and initiatives working on political participation to amplify women’s voices and advocate for gender equality in the political sphere.
  • Addressing Gender Bias: The project will be vigilant in identifying and addressing any gender bias or stereotypes in data collection, evaluation, and reporting to ensure fairness and accuracy.
  • Consultation with Women’s Organisations: The Pledge Tracker project will engage with women’s organisations to seek their input, feedback, and recommendations in shaping the project’s strategy and activities.
  • Gender-Responsive Awareness Campaigns: Public awareness campaigns will be designed to target gender-specific issues, ensuring that women are informed about the platform’s benefits and encouraged to actively engage with it.
  • Gender-Equal Partnerships: The project will prioritise partnerships with organisations that demonstrate a commitment to gender equality and promote gender parity in their own operations.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Gender Outcomes: The project will incorporate gender-specific indicators to monitor and evaluate its impact on gender equality, regularly reviewing progress and making necessary adjustments.

By implementing this gender policy, the Pledge Tracker project aims to contribute to advancing gender equality, addressing gender disparities in political participation, and ensuring that the project’s outcomes benefit all members of society equitably. The policy will guide the project’s actions, foster inclusivity, and strengthen the overall impact of the Pledge Tracker platform in promoting transparent and accountable governance for all genders.