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How To Support Us

make a difference!

Together, We Can Shape Our Future

Imagine a Nigeria where promises made by leaders are promises kept, where elected officials prioritise your concerns and actively work towards a better nation. The Pledge Tracker project is a constructive effort to contribute towards this vision.
Your support is vital in building a stronger democracy - one that truly represents the interests of the people. Join us on this journey towards a more accountable, transparent, and empowered political landscape.
Together, let's make democracy work for us - the citizens!

Your Voice, Your Power

The Pledge Tracker project aims to revolutionize the way we engage with politics by tracking and monitoring promises made by democratically elected executives in Nigeria. With your support, we can hold politicians accountable for their actions, track progress on crucial issues, and empower citizens with credible information to make informed decisions during elections.

Ways You Can Contribute


Join our team and be a part of this important and potentially transformative project. We welcome diverse skills and expertise to enhance our impact.

Spread the Word

Share the Pledge Platform platform with your friends, family, and networks. Together, we can create a powerful movement for transparency and accountability.


Use the Pledge tracker platform to stay informed, participate in discussions, and hold elected officials accountable.


Your generous contributions will help us maintain the platform, conduct data research, and reach more citizens with our message.

Your Skills, Your Impact

Our Pledge Tracker platform is powered by the energy and dedication of volunteers like you. Whether you are a tech-savvy coder, a data guru, a communication whiz, or simply someone with a passion to see good governance work in Nigeria and by extension sub-Sahara Africa- we want you on board! Together, we can revolutionize political accountability and empower citizens to shape their own destiny.

We are still in need of experts and contributors in the following areas: 

Tech Wizards

Developers, designers, and IT enthusiasts, to help build and maintain the Pledge Tracker platform, making it a user-friendly and secure space for citizens

Data Analysts

To dive into data, evaluate promises made by elected officials, and provide insights that shape our understanding of political accountability.

Communication Experts

To spread the word about the DPT project, manage our social media presence, and engage the public in conversations about governance.


To conduct in-depth research on policy impact, electoral promises, and governance practices to drive data-driven decision-making.

Advocacy Leaders

To be a voice for change! Advocate for transparency and accountability, promoting the DPT platform and its objectives

Together, We Can Reimagine Democracy and Governance Culture!

With your support, the Pledge tracker project can be a catalyst for a new era of political engagement, where leaders are held accountable, and citizens are actively shaping their nation’s future.

Together, let’s reimagine democracy – one that truly serves the people.

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