adopts the methodology of Politifacts in tracks campaign promise as reflected below to ensure rigour and reliability,  Thus, we rate campaign promises based on verifiable outcomes, not on intentions or effort.

To create our promise meters, we pore through speech transcripts, TV appearances, position papers and campaign websites looking for promises.

We define a promise as a prospective statement of an action or outcome that is verifiable. All of our promises list the source.

The promise meters have six ratings. The first three provide a broad picture of whether the official is making progress; the final three indicate whether he or she kept the promise.

NOT YET RATED — Every promise begins at this level and retains this rating until we see evidence of progress — or evidence that the promise has stalled.

IN THE WORKS — This indicates the promise has been proposed or is being considered.

STALLED — There is no movement on the promise, perhaps because of limitations on money, opposition from lawmakers or a shift in priorities.

COMPROMISE — Promises earn this rating when they accomplish substantially less than the official’s original statement but when there is still a significant accomplishment that is consistent with the goal of his original promise.

PROMISE KEPT — Promises earn this rating when the original promise is mostly or completely fulfilled.

PROMISE NOT DONE – The promise has not been fulfilled. This could occur because of inaction by the executive or lack of support from the legislative branch or other group that was critical for the promise to be fulfilled. A Promise Broken rating does not necessarily mean that the executive failed to advocate for the policy.

Promise ratings change when circumstances change. For some promises, it’s possible that the status could initially go to In the Works, but then move back to Stalled if we decide the proposal has hit a lull, and then go back to the In the Works. Similarly, a promise could be rated Promise Kept, but if the official reversed course, the promise would then be rated Promise Broken.